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Registration Day at the Wil Lou Gray Opportunity School
Prospective students must go through our admissions process and be accepted to attend our school.Once the Admissions Department has received a complete application with the necessary records, an appointment will be scheduled for an interview. Prospective students along with their Parents/Legal Guardians are required to attend. The interview gives us a chance to meet the prospective student along with their guardian to help determine if we are a proper placement. All applicants will be notified by mail within 2 weeks after the interview whether they are accepted into the program.

Wil Lou Gray students take honors at a JROTC competition.

  1. Discuss the program with your student after you receive your application to ensure they are open to attending and participating in a military-style program.

  2. Complete the entire application. Submit records on checklist. Interviews will not be scheduled unless all paperwork is received. See our downloadable checklist for the complete list of required documents.

  3. Complete an application, then mail to: Wil Lou Gray, Admissions, 3300 West Campus Rd., West Columbia, SC 29170 -or- fax to 803.896.6463. Records sent by someone other than you may be mailed or faxed separate from the application. We will contact you to request any missing items.

  4. Once we receive the completed application, with applicable records, we will call to schedule an on-site interview. See our campus map for information on locating the correct building. (View Driving Directions)

  5. Since the Wil Lou Gray Opportunity School has three trimesters throughout the academic year, our admissions process is ongoing.  Students may apply at any time throughout the year, and if accepted they will attend beginning at the first available trimester.


Download a copy of the Wil Lou Gray School of Opportunity online brochure.